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Straining Paint

Straining paint is necessary if the paint has been sitting for a while.

Straining paint does
take a few extra minutes,
but the results you get
are well worth the effort

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Contaminant free paint-- a quality look!

Make sure the paint is clean and uncontaminated.  
This  means making sure the paint is free of
sawdust and clumps.

Here are ways to prepare the paint for use.  

  • Stir the paint thoroughly.  Make sure you stir the paint that has settled to the bottom of the contrainer.
  • Box the paint.   Pour the paint back and forth from a small container into a larger container to make sure you get all of the colorant and ingredients stirred up.  Do this a few times.
  • Strain the paint.   The best way  to make a strainer is the stretch the top a nylon stocking acrossed the opening of a container. Slowly pour the paint through the stocking.    It might be helpful to have another person hold the stocking in place. The stocking will act as a sieve and catch the clumps, lumps, dried paint, or other contaminants.  
When the paint has strained through the stocking,
twist the stocking and squeeze  any 
paint through the end.

  • Discard the stocking.  
 Your paint is now free from contaminants with
a smooth liquid texture ready for use.