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Don't skip the safety precautions
just to save a few extra hours or dollars.

It is important to have the
proper equipment and helpers
when attempting a project such as this

  • Always use a spraying mask  and goggles to protect your mouth, nose, and eyes.    

  •  Helpers who are mature and capable are vital to have around. They can help spot problems that will avoid life-threatening accidents.  

  • Make sure your spraying equipment is in good working order. 

A paint sprayer --painting gun--is not a toy. 
Always point the gun towards the
ground away
from any
person or body part

If paint is injected into the body, serious
physical harm and

  possible death can occur. 

Other Considerations
Compare the costs and
risks of doing it yourself
or hiring a professional to

  do a project this size.

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How to paint high ceilings--
A Summary of Steps

     Home Preparation

Ceiling Preparation

  • Prime the ceiling with a primer specifically made to adhere to the ceiling material  and  previous coating.
If you are unsure, ask a quality paint store for suggestions.
  • Allow the ceiling to dry for a day.
  • Spray the ceiling with the finish coat of paint.
It is important to have the proper equipment 
and at least one other mature individual present
when attempting a project this size

  • The scaffolding should be in good repair and stable. The wheels should  attach securely to the frame and rotate freely. Make sure the brakes on the wheels work.  It's worth the price to rent a scaffold from a reliable rental company who checks their equipment.
  • The pump and line should be free of contaminants and in good working order.   If you are renting a pump, ask the rental company for instructions.   Know how to use the sprayer before you get on the scaffolding.