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More Ideas

Restaining cabinets---an option. 
Like refinishing a door, if the surface is damaged,
it can be stained and refinished.



Refinishing kitchen cabinets--
  restain, refinish, or paint !

Kitchen cupboards can be refinished whether
they are wood or laminate. 

Define the traffic patterns in your home

Consider these ideas go give your  kitchen a fresh look!
  • Change the stain color  such as dark to light, light to dark.
  • Choose a new type of wood. A wood look can give your kitchen a warmer feeling.  
  • Choose a stain color that matches the woods around your home.
  • Try faux finishing.  Whether you choose a rag roll, a wood grained look, or a stressed antique look, faux paint finishes will add personality to your work area.
  • Paint a solid  color.  When considering a  dark solid color, remember that you may living with the color along time.  Trendy color changes are great if you choose something that goes along with  your decor.  
  • Try two tone color schemes .  Use a light neutral color for the body of the cabinets and a darker color for the doors.

The ideas and possibilites for refinishing  kitchen cupboards are endless. 

  "Redecorate With Confidence!"

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