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Repainting the interior of an older home  used as a rental.
The interior had not been painted for at least 15 years.
The walls were lath and plaster, not wall board.

  The interior was 
a three-tone painting scheme.

The Painting Procedure
  • Remove the bathroom wallpaper.   The wallpaper was removed with a wall paper remover solution mixed in hot water.   The solution was applied with a spray bottle and left for several hours. 
  • Use a dependable waller removal solution from a quality paint store removal solution.   Follow the directions carefull 
Portions of the plaster crumbled even with careful wallpaper removal. 
  •  Repair the plaster with three skim coats of quick dry mud. The mud was allowed to dry between each coat.  The surfaces were lightly sanded.  Apply a primer sealer.
  •  Treat the kitchen ceiling  with a stain killer because of the smoke and grease.    The ceilings were sprayed and rolled.  
  •  Prepare all surfaces by lightly sanding  interior walls, wood work and doors   This light sanding takes off any dirt or grease 
  • Repair and prime  holes or dings
  •  Apply two  finish-coats of paint  to walls and doors. The walls were sprayed and rolled. This project was a three-tone paint job.
  • Sand and paint kitchen cabinet fronts.Kitchen cabinets had painted wood fronts and interiors.     The cabinet interiors were not painted because they were still in good condition. The knobs and handles were replaced with new hardware.  
The vinyl and carpet were replaced so we were able to spray and roll the interior walls.   
If the flooring had not been replaced
the painting would have been hand rolled.