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Sprayed and Back Roll Example

     This home  interior has been
sprayed and back rolled.

Preparation of the sheet rock with the primer and
finish  coats  make a difference in the final look.
See more about the colorsused
  on   this  two-tone  color  home

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Spraying and back rolling --a  professional secret

Without back rolling  when you spray, you
run  the  risk  of  having  your  paint  flash.  

That   means  when you do touch ups, the areas
you touched, will have a flat and shiny sheen.   
                 You will probably have to repaint where the
paint flashed.
  • Back roll a new drywall surface.  This means that after you spray the drywall surface with primer that you hand roll the surface with a roller.   Doing this assures  the primer will saturate the drywall surface. 
  • Sprayed primer will only coat the surface. It won't saturate the drywall surface.
  • If  doing the painting yourself, spray the primer on a small section, then back roll it with the roller.   This does take more time, but the end results are worth the effort.
Finish Coat 
  •  Follow the same procedure with the finish coat.  
  • Spray a section then back roll with a hand roller.   Doing this will make sure the paint saturates the surface and doesn't just sit on the surface.
  • The process will go more quickly of there are two individual doing the painting.  One individual sprays the paint, while the second individual comes behind and rolls the paint. 
Spraying the paint on extra heavy does not do the same thing.  
          In fact, spraying surface extra heavy will cause runs and extra work.
   Extra time will be spent going back to catch or repaint where the runs occurred.
Take a little extra time to spray and back roll so your efforts look professional.

Touch Up Paint
  • Keep the extra paint in a tightly sealed can and clearly labeled. 
  • When there are nicks or damages to your painting surface, you can touch them up with a brush or roller.  The touch ups won't show.   
if you have questions, check give us a call,
check with your quality paint store, or call a licensed painting contractor.