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Spring is the perfect time to start your
exterior  painting projects. 

  • Sofit & Facia 
    •  Power wash the surface. 
    • Repair or replace all loose boards
    •  Prime bare wood with an exterior oil primer
    •  Apply finish coat of exterior latex
  • Wood Fences
    •  Power wash to remove old stain and dirt  
    •  Allow fence to dry
    •  Apply one or two coats of latex stain
  •  Patio Furniture
    •  Sand and repair all surfaces
    •  If previously painted, treat it as though you were preparing an exterior door casing
    •  If stained, apply two coats of latex or oil stain.
    • Applying a sealer coat is optional.
  • Cement Drive and Walkways
    •  Painting, resurfacing, and sealing  cement should be done by a professional.
  • Wrought Iron Fences
    • Remove all rust
    • Prime rusted area with a rust inhibiter
    • Apply two coats  exterior oil paint
If you have any questions concerning the products to use
or how to apply them call us.