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Painting Options

Choose a professional
painter to help you.

A professional painter often
makes the process easier.

Check qualifications

A painter's experience
can qualify him  to
to help with decorating ideas

Some painters are experts
in  their  painting 
but  not
  decorating ideas

Ask for references and examples
of work quality. Choose carefully

Painting Yourself

If  you  decide to  paint  yourself,
try your colors on a small
area -the back of your home. 

Buy  a  small  quanity  of
the paint color you choose
Make  sure  that  is  the  color you want

Custom colors
cannot be returned.

Asking For Help

Don't   be   afraid  to  ask  for   help. 
The staff at the store is there to help. 

Customer service should be the first priority.

Always ask your quality paint
 store or a professional painter
   to make sure you understand the
instructions in how to apply paint
or choosing colors.









Exterior paint colors changes
the feel of your home

Color matching  exterior colors of your home

to the shingles, brick, paneling, siding and 
doors enlivens your home 

Making your home a show piece
can be a fun process.
 It need not be expensive

You don't need to re-shingle or repanel 
Just repaint and coordinate the colors.    

The exterior color was matched on sight to harmonize with the brick.
 The door on this home has woodgrained to match the room. 
  • Get a small sample of your shingle color.
(If a sample is not available, take the color swatch cards to your home. 
An on-site visual match is the best.
  • Take the shingle sample, and go a quality paint store.
 Either you or an in-house decorator
can choose the exterior colors
You don't need to coordinate with the roof color,
but it helps the visual image of your home. 
  • Choose a door color to contrast with exterior colors