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How We Color Match

On site color matching will help painting costs by enabling you to paint only the necessary areas.
  • Touch up a room with on-site color matching.
Paint the damaged area to
revitalize a room

An example of an accent wall 
  • One accent wall can be painted to harmonize with the other walls and furnishings without repainting the three ajoinging walls

Example of a two tone paint job
  • A  simple two-tone color scheme brings a custom decorator look 



Decorate on a budget using color. 
Here are a few ideas for interior painting color schemes.
  • Touching up with on-site color matching
Freshen a room by painting and touching up  the damaged area. It can be repaired and repainted by matching the original color.  On-site color matching allows the room to be fixed without repainting the whole room.  This will save on painting costs, but still revitialize the room.
  •  Accent wall
Paint one wall a contrasting color and leave the remaining walls the same. One-site color matching will help create that custom color that will harmonize with the other walls.
  • Two-tone color scheme
Repaint a room using one color and painting the casings a lighter color. This will give your room a decoratored look without the decorator costs.

"Redecorate With Confidence!"