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Preparation is the Key

Preparation -- the key to wood graining surfaces
Reparing the imperfections
with bondo, letting it dry,

  then  lightly sanding before repeating the process
will increase your satisfaction in the final project.

Preparation Time

Allow time to complete the projectl
Woodgraining is a two or three step process. 
We take time to make certain the
undercoating color is just right.

A custom job takes a little more time
because we pride ourselves in
making every project a masterpiece.  

A custom color is different than a  ready-made
color that comes from a kit.  

There are times when a ready-made color 
will fill your needs
because the exterior or
interior color you  match is a standard color.

The undercoat color is important because it adds depth
and a realistic quality to the woodgraining process.

The final top coat is the color we use to match to your exterior.  
The hand graining is a simple process that make the
faux painting look like real wood.

  Look at examples  of our
exterior doors

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Wood grain a door instead of
  purchasing a new one

This metal door is white with a oval glass in the middle.  The holes are being covered with bondo. 

This is a summary of how we woodgrain doors
  • Remove metal kick plate
  • Apply Bondo* to dents and damaged places in door
  • Allow coats to dry completely
  • Sand lightly
  • Apply several light  skim coats of Bondo, sand between each coat
  • Heavy skim coats will crack  --  use only light skim coat
  • Sand lightly  after every coat
  • Applly  sever light color under coats  and allow to dry.
  • Hand draw graining.
  • Apply clear sealant to protect the woodgraining and the door surface.

This picture shows a light undercoating being applied to the casing.

This pictures shows a light undercoating being applied to the casing.

The home owner wanted this metal door
woodgrained a dark color to match
the dark paneling around the home

The door could have been left the light color
and covered with a clear sealant
This pictures shows the light undercoating of the door and the dark over coating of the metal casing.

The  picture on the left shows the dark coating around the casing.
The picture on the right shows the final dark coat being applied

  This is only summary of our woodgraining process. 
Be sure to consult your painting professional
or quality paint store
for detailed directions

 Read "How to Woodgrain." 


*Bondo is an all purpose body filler putty manufactured by 3M Company.  Be sure to read the application instructions carefully and ask you quality paint store representative for instructions