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Woodgraining process

  • Repairing the damaged areas that are dented or  blistered.
  • Caulking and bondo are used to fill dents and imperfections.
  • Undercoatings of different colors are brushed on.
  • Graining is then hand drawn.
  • Sealant is then applied.



Woodgraining --several steps with

applications of colors and graining. 

  • A neutral base coat is applied
  • The grain is hand drawn
  • The colors of the wood are applied
    with drawing brushes. 
  • The grain look is drawn by hand. 
  • A  finish coat is applied to seal the door.
follows the same procedure to
make the surface look like real marble. 
  • A neutral base coat is applied.
  • Colored veins are drawn in by hand.  
  • A  finish coat is applied to seal the surface.

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