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Woodgraining Process

Each panel is wood
grained individually.

A special coating covers the door
  provide longevity to the door's finish.


Each panel is like an
original piece of art.



 Matching entry door and garage door
bring continuity to a home's exterior

Full view of house with matching front door and garage door that have been woodgrained with a walnut look

The original white metal door looked out
  of  place  so  we  duplicated  the  walnut
  look  to  match  the  front  entry  door.    
  Side view of six panels of metal woodgrained door with walnut look

The grain in each panel is individually hand drawn.
Notice  there  are  four  to  six colors in each panel

The texture look is part of the
original metal door surface

 The home owner wanted a walnut look to
  enhance the wood used through the home

  See the
woodgrained walnut door  that matches this garge door