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Door Preparation

Original wood doors
  of  west  entrance 

The new metal doors 
are visible below

Original faded door
casing is also visible

This is a picture of the new metal doors at the west entrance of the First Presbyterian Church in Logan, UTah 

One of undercoats
has been applied



Exterior metal doors woodgrained
to  match   original   wood  doors

Commercial custom-made doors replaced
the original exterior wood doors

Finished  woodgrained doors with a matt finish.

The exterior of the new doors were woodgrained
to match the original doors and to preserve the
architectural style of the building.
Windows, hinges and door handles
 were covered  and  protected. 
  A light colored under coating was
applied  and   allowed   to   dry
               A  final undercoat was applied and grained.  

         A clear sealant coat was the final coat.   
Faded wood casings woodgrained
to  match   the   new  metal  doors
Closeup view of the woodgrained exterior casing

    left exterior woodgrained door before final clear coat   Right exterior door before final clear coat
Exterior door before final clear coat was applied.
          bottom of left exterior door  Top grain of west exterior door   Right Corner Door Casing
 Closeup  pictures  of   left corner,  top center,  and
       right corner  after  the final clear coat was applied.