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Woodgrained Credenza

This credenza was build into the
wall as a focal point of the room.

This office was part of a restoration
project in an
older home
used for a law office

In the ninetheenth century,
a credenza was a
popular piece of furniture
  with shelves to display items of importance

Seely Painting, Inc.



Faux finishing matches wood surfaces
to any type of wood.

This woodgrained credenza was made of plywood and paint grade lumber.  It was woodgrained to match the desk.

 This credenza, made of plywood
and paint-grade lumber, was to be painted a
solid color to match the wallpaper . 

The interior decorator changed his mind
and decided that the credenza should be
stained to match the desk. 

The wood was filled with knot holes and
the wood grain did not match.

   Different  wood pieces  take the stain differently.
To insure uniformity in the stain,
the credenza was  faux wood grained.

  The surface of the wood was filled with spot filler. 
Several undercoats of different colors were applied
to provide the depth necessary to match the wood desk.

The credenza was then wood grained to match
the desk.  The grain was hand drawn

The office is in Provo, Utah