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These doors are all woodgrained.
The grain is hand drawn. 

The beauty   of   each door is so realistic  that
hard to believe the doors  are  metal or fiberglass.

Shaded areas are made by  lightening

darkening  the  background  color. 

Read how we  woodgrain doors.

Seely Painting, Inc.



Metal, fiberglass, or wood doors

  woodgrained to replicate wood

The door was matched a  red mahogany
  dresser possessed by the owner

Red mahogany door left side viewRed mahogany woodgrained door front view.Red mahogany woodgrained door from right side.
See the beauty of this woodgrained
fiberglass door from different views

This is an angled view of the marbleized casing and the upper portion of the woodgrained red mahogany door.  
 The left  is a closeup of the woodgrained door.
The right picture shows a doorbell
  marblized to match the alumium casing

A light undercoat was put on first.  
Then a darker color coat was put on
and the grain was hand drawn.  

The color of the door changes with the time of day.

The home is in Orem, Utah.