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Beginning Woodgraining Process for Garage & Entry Door

The undercoating process

 First panels undercoated

Undercoating beginning panes of garage door
Closeup picture of undercoating

Completed undercoating on garage door

Here undercoating the
panels almost complete.

Undercoating of garage door

One of the several color
coats to add depth
     color  to the

Undercoating of the
door and side panels.

This is the beginning of the undercoating of the entry door and side panels




Entrance  & Garage Doors Refinished
& Woodgrained To Match

This picture shows the matching woodgrained garage and entry doors
This   picture   shows   the   matching
woodgrained  garage  and entry doors.

Matching the two doors gives a
feeling of continuity to the home.

This picture shows the finished  woodgrained garage doorCloseup of woodgrained panels on garage door.
These pictures show closeups of
the woodgrained door and panels.


Entrance Door
Closeup of woodgrained entry door

These pictures show the home entrance
  with closeups of the woodgrained door.

This home is in Orem, Utah.

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