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Casing Preparation

The casings around the
  door were faded.  

The original color around
the door is visible. 

See the undercoat applied on
  the lower half of the casing
A picture showing the original color of the casing around the north church door entrance. 


Casings woodgrained to
match existing casings.

  Door casings can be matched to the doors
whether they
are wood, metal, old or new.

This picture shows the  original casing around the north entrance church doors have been woodgrained.

This picture shows the finished woodgrained casings

Wood casings around the north
church doors were faded
This First Presbyterian Church
is in Logan, Utah.  

The wood doors had been refinished
but the casings were not.  

 Casings were woodgrained to match
and harmonize with the existing doors.

This is a close up view of the overhead casing of the church doors at the north entrance

This is a closeup picture  after the
casings  have been woodgrained.