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Restoration Painting

The main color of the
crown molding matches
door moldings

  A custom trim color in
the crown molding
matches the wall color.

Decorative paiinting with credenza
The credenza seen
through the door

on the right was
made of scrape wood
decorative ceiling
The ceiling paint and
color matches
the decorative trim in

the crown molding.

These rooms were part of
a historical home restoration

The home is now
used as a law office.


Restored mantel reveals
the natural wood beauty

Mantel Restoration

Originally  painted, this  wood fireplace
mantel was stripped

Stripping  it revealed that the original
wood was wormwood.

The refinished wood mantel to shows
the  natural beauty of the grain. 

The door on the right has been painted to
match the color of the fireplace.