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Fiberglass door woodgrained
  to match "fruitwood" floors.

Interior Fruitwood Door 1
Interior Fruitwood Door 2    
It coordinates with the
wood floor and steps. 

Several shades of color were
used in the door to match
  the colors in the floor

The exterior of this door is
faux finished to match walnut.



Dual Woodgrained Door

Side view of woodgrained walnut front door
 This woodgrained exterior fiberglass door  matches
walnut and enhances the home exterior


The  metal door casings  match the door. 

The garage door also has been woodgrained
to match the  woodgrained front  door.
Full view of home with woodgrained walnut exterior door and matching garage door

The interior and exterior door surfaces can
be woodgrained to match two different decors.

The interior door was woodgrained to match fruitwood

The home is in Lehi, Utah.