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New Natural Redwood Decks

Pictures of natural redwood deck.
They were stained with
a custom stain and woodgrained
to bring out the natural highlights.

The natural redwood color
clashed with the grays
and whites of the home's exterior. 
That is why a custom stain was created

Front view of  south deck before it was stained
Front view of south
deck and stairs.

  Front view of natural redwood north deck
Front view of
north deck stairs.

Side view of north
deck and railing 

Closeup of northdeck stairs and inside railing

Closeup view of north
ck stairs and railing




New redwood decks stained and
to harmonize
  with brick color

New redwod may clash with exterior colors.
Woodgraining the wood assures the perfect color.

South Deck
      Front views of south deck     Side view of South deck stairs and railing
   Front and side view of south deck stairs.
  Close up stained and woodgrained hand railing  closeup of south deck railing
Closeup view of handrailing and post.

North Deck
front view of north deck stairs  Closeup view of north deck stairs
View of north deck and stairs.

Closeup of north inside stair railing  
Closeup of inside and
outside of north deck

Deck are located in Orem, Utah