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Garage Door Transformation

An undercoat is applied

Light colors are used that will
  the  colors   of   the  home's exterior.
In this picture, an undercoat using light colors to match the home's exterior is being applied

This   is a  closeup  of  the
finished metal garage door.

This picture is  a closeup of the finished woodgrained metal door

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Garage and exterior doors color 
matched to home exterior colors

The   exterior  fiberglass  door  and
metal garage door in this home were
  faux finished/wood grained.

This picture shows the Saratoga finished faux finished wood grained metal garage and fiberglass entry door.
Colors of the stones and stucco were 
used in  the  woodgraining  process. 

Using the  complimentary  colors of 
exterior in the woodgraining process
accentuated other features 

This picture shows the original
condition of the doors.

This pictures shows the original condition of the Saratoga  metal garage and fiberglass entry door
The  fiberglass  entry  door  had  failed  and
the garge door was the original factory color.

The  bottom of  the entry door
failed because of sun exposure.

Faux  finished/woodgrained  doors
  accentuated the beauty of the stone.

See more details about the
front entry door that matches the garage door.

This home is located in Saratoga Springs, Utah