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Painting & Woodgraining Cabinets Creates a New Look

Painting and woodgraining cabinets will create a new look without the
cost of
installing new cabinets.

For more ideas and examples check out the  section
"Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets" and our blogspot.


Repairing Cabinets Surfaces

Fixing cabinet surfaces can be less expensive than buying and installing new ones.   Whether deciding to paint the cabinet surfaces a solid color or woodgraining them to create a new look, the work and effort is worth the time invested. 
  • The surfaces  should be lightly sanded.
  • A spot putty should be used to cover the imperfections.  
  • After the spot putty dries, it should be sanded until smooth.  
  • Two or three spot putty applications may be required to cover the imperfections.  The spots should be sanded after each fill. 
  • A special primer is then put on the surface and allowed to dry. 
  • The primer is lightly sanded before the final coat is applied. 
  • One or two final coats may be needed, depending the color and type of paint used.  

Repairing  and covering imperfections  on  surfaces that are going to be woodgrained  is  similar. 
Faux finishing and woodgraining  painting is a different  procedure.   Be sure to check with a quality paint store to get your materials and have your questions answered. 

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