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Painted Wood Door Process

Wood entrance door 
originally painted

with white latex paint

Painted five years previously, the door paint was chipped and weather worn.
The door casing
next to the brick had never been cocked.

Repair Work
The damaged areas were repaired with spot filler. 
The spot filler used will withstand
many years of exterior weather.  
The spot filler was primed with an oil primer. 
The whole door was sanded. 
As a majority of the original
door paint was in good condition
  there was no need to reprime the whole door.

Latex paint was used because it contracts
and expands with the
seasonal temperature changes. 
Oil paint  was not used because it cracks
with the seasonal temperature change.

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Entry Door Matched To Stucco Colors 
This picture  shows a full view of a home with a painted wood entrance door.

  A two-tone color scheme was used to
paint this wood entrance door and
accentuate the stucco colors.

Closeup of painted wood entrance door with archway.  This is closeup view of a two-tone painted wood entrance door.
The door paint was color matched to the lightest stucco color. 
The inside panels of the door were
  to the darker stucco color. 

This is a two-tone color  painted door.

The facia and garage doors and the previous
entrance door color were white. 
The white made the house look washed out

This is a closeup picture of the two-tone painted door.This is a closeup view of the left side of the exterior casing.
An exterior door cocking was applied between the
casing and the brick
.  The cocking was color-
matched to the exterior brick.

This home is located in Lindon, Utah.

See the custom two-tone paint job in the home's interior.