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More Living Room Pictures


The east wall is an earth tone and
the south wall is a light green. 
The original casings are done
in a high gloss white

 Custom  on-site color matches figurine
The custom on-site color matches
the color of the figurine. 
An on-site color match gives you 
a decorator color to enhance the decor.



Three-tone color schemes with accent walls 
bring beauty  to formal rooms

The green wall matches the picture             The brown matches the carpet
     and decor.                                             and furniture.

The colors of this living room were 
matched and made on the job site.

wo colors were used to harmonize with
the furnishings, carpeting,
decor in this small 19th century living room.

This is a
three-tone color scheme with an accent wall.
Three walls are an earth tone and
a fourth wall is a light green

The green matches the colors of the figurine's
dress and the floral leaves in the piano scarf

The custom-matched colors on the wall created a warm feeling
The natural light of the room changes intensity the colors throughout the day.       

           This home is in Wasatch County, near Heber City, Utah.