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Original White Wood Kitchen Cabinets

These pictures show the original color of the cabinets painted white.

This is a picture of original white wood kitchen cabinets.

Top Kitchen Cabinets

This is a picture of the original white wood sink kitchen cabinets.
Bottom Kitchen Cabinets

This is a picture of the original white  wood single under the counter kitchen cabinet
Single Bottom Cabinet

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Wood  grain  duplicated
  from magazine pictures.

 White wood kitchen cabinets  wood grained to match white oak.

These  wood kitchen cabinets were white.   
The homeowner was   tired  of   a  white austere kitchen. 
She  upgraded her kitchen by refinishing kitchen cabinets
kitchen cabinets.

 These white wood cabinets were woodgrained toduplicate a magazine picture and color coordinated with the vinyal and countertop

The cabinets were wood grained on-site.
The kitchen cabinets were color matched 
to the counter top and vinyl. 

The kitchen cabinet doors were  refinished
in place.
The owner did not have
to remove
  the cabinet or drawer contents. 

The oak cabinets created a warm
atmosphere in her kitchen.

These cabinets are in Lehi, Utah