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Our Painting Specialities

On-site color matching is a
specialty  for Seely Painting.

  makes your project unique

Fine painting with
artist's touch



Please leave your condolences, kind thoughts and memories of Lynn, Thank you.
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             A caricature drawing of Lynn Seely, Seely Painting, Inc. standing on a ladder with a paint brush in one hand paint the name Seely Painting and hold an artists pallet in the other hand.

 Academic knowledge and experience  
assures  exceptional  painting

  • 30 years painting experience 
  • Painting Aprenticeship
State of Utah and U S  Department of Labor
  • Associate Degree
Applied Technology/Painting & Decorating
Salt Lake Community College
  • Three years Course Work
Faux finishes , color mixing and matching,
wood finishing, brush and painting technique        

  • Working with one of Utah's finest
German painters

Mastering faux woodgraining and painting skills. 
  • European Craftsmanship