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Matching Kitchen Door

Metal door woodgrained
to match
wood cabinets.

Interior metal door woodgrained to match kitchen cabinets

This kitchen door was woodgrained to match the kitchen cabinets on the right and a cabinet on the left.

See more examples of
cabinets that were matched to  doors .

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Cabinets  refinished --
 dark color to light color.
Before and after picture of dark cabinets woodgrained to a lighter color
Cabinets  matched
  to interior furniture.

The lower right  picture shows how they were 
color matched to match a kitchen dining set

The kitchen cabinets in the
upper left are the original color.

The background picture shows the custom
stain applied and grain that was drawn in

After the cabinet surface is prepared,
a light-colored  base  coat is  applied.
An oil-based stain is applied.