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Interior Door Preparation & Woodgraining Process

Tightening screws around
the window casing.
Masking on the interior
doors and  handle bars.
Masking the new interior metal doors of the First Presbyterian Church. 
Spot putty covers screws
on the window casings.
This pictures shows the spot putty used to cover the metal screws around the window casings on the new metal doors
Preparing colors used in
woodgraining process
This picture shows Lynn Seely choosing colors to use in the woodgraining process on the interior metal doors the church 
Beginning the
undercoating process
This pictures shows the beginning of the undercoat process 
First undercoat applied
to  the  interior  doors.
This picture shows a woodgraining undercoat that has been applied to the metal door 


Metal   wood  grained   door
  matches existing wood doors.

Commercial interior metal doors
  woodgrained  to match
  interior wood doors

A light  undercoat  was  put on
then a darker color coat was put
  on  before  the grain was added

   The  interior   metal   casings   were
woodgrained to match existing casings

The commercial doors are on the west end of
the First Presbyterian Church, Logan, Utah

         Left Door                  Right Door
Closeup   pictures   show   the   grain.
      Left  Door                 Right Door
the wood grain exterior  like  these
  metal doors that are a different color

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Seely Painting, Inc.