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Refinishing Process

Pictures show the 
front door after
it was stripped and sanded.

It is ready for the pre-sealer
to be applied.  
The pre-sealer seals the wood and enables
the new stain to go on evenly

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Refinished Wood Door

The original finish of this front wood
entrance door was damaged and 
  baked from the sun. The door faces south.

This is the refinishing process  for this  wood door.
  • The door was stripped and sanded to bare wood.
  • The wood was sealed with a pre-sealer to prepare the door for the stain.   Pre-sealing enables the to stain to go evenly.
  • A custom made stain was applied.
  • Two coats of a clear sealant were applied to add longevity to the finish.
This door is in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

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