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Door Repair & Woodgraining Process

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The Process

This slideshow shows the 
damaged surface,
repair process,
woodgrained surface
and finished door

  • Original pictures of the door surface
  • Blistered and damaged surfaces
  • Surfaces repaired with bondo
  • Graining process on different parts of the door
  • Finished door



 Refinished woodgrained
sun damaged doors


Front view of home with fiberglass door with side panels   Close up view of fiberglass door with side panels
This fiberglass door  located in
American Fork, Utah, faces west. 

The original finish on this fiberglass had failed.
The lower portion of door was blistered

The left casing was damaged to the
extent that a quarter tube of

caulking was needed to repair it.

The door was refinished by applying
an undercoat that matched the colors

  of the exterior brick of the hom

All of the graining and shading was hand drawn.

A special finish was applied to seal
and extend the life of the door.

Learn about the wood graining process .