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Door Repair & Preparation

This metal door and wood casing had extensive damage that was repairred and covered with Bondo.
Extensive damage on nine-panel door

All the dents  were filled with Bondo.

The wood casing was
wearther worn. 
It had finger joints
that were breaking apart

The wood  on the bottom
of the casing was

 rotting and deteriorating

Since we removed the
metal kick plate,
the screw holes were
filled with Bondo. 

Casing Preparation
The wood casing was filled
with bondo,
and sanded as needed.

The wood casing was primed with an exterior oil primer

Seely Painting, Inc.
Seely Painting, Inc.



A nine-panel metal

door woodgrained. 

The wood door casing woodgrained to match.   

  • We primed the entired wood door casing with four different colors for the background.  
  • When dried, it was lightly sanded.  
  • With colored varnish, high light colors were painted on.  Colors also  were hand grained on top of the varnish.
  • The colors were lightly sanded with a sponge sander so the color would not be sanded off, but leave bonding  finish for the woodgraining.
  •  The door was then woodgrained by hand.
  • The door and casing were  again lightly sanded casing without taking any color out.  
  • Then the first finish coat was applied to add detailed colors where necessary.
  • A second and final finished coat of specialty sealant was used on the door and casing as a protectant.
This is a closeup view of a woodgrained exterior metal nine-panel door.

A closeup view of this metal door shows the beauty
an artistry of the woodgraining.