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Every exterior surface is different. 
Wood surfaces are prepared 
differently than metal or aluminum surface



Surface Preparation -- the secret
to  great exterior painting

Here   are   the   basic   steps  used  to
prepare and paint your  home's  exterior.

  • Power wash the exterior to remove the grime and dirt that has collected on the surface We regulate the pressure so the water spray gently removes the loose paint and dirt.  If the pressure is too hard it will  leave pits and damage the surface.  Power wash the surface the previous day  and allow it to dry.   The time for the surface  to dry is dependent on the weather and climate.
  • Repair exterior surfaces
  •  Prime or spot prime areas of the exterior that are damagedUsing primers from quality paint stores increases longevity of  the paint job.  We check to see if the previous paint was latex or oil based.  There is a difference in how the new paint will adhere to the surface, depending on the previous primer and paint that was used.   Exterior paint products are constantly change and there are always new products on the market. 
  •  Apply the final coat