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Closeups of the Grain

Close up pictures
This is a closeup view of the grain on the left side of the door 
Grain on the upper
left  side  of

Closeup view of the grain on the left and center of the door 
 Grain  on the  left
side  and  middle.
Closeup of the grain on the right side of the door 
Grain  on  the upper
right side of the door.



Doors woodgrained match
  the  wood deck and brick.

Left angle view of south entrance woodgrained to door tobeauty salon.  Front view  of south entrance woodgrained doorto hair salon  

The door is woodgrained  to  match the
  wooden deck and red brick of the salon.

Originally the door was painted white 

and  the  wood casings  were  white. 

This door is the south entrance
to  a hair salon  in  Orem,  Utah. 

Eight different colors were used to
  undercoat and color coat the door.  

It is covered with a clear epoxy sealant
  to   add   to  its   beauty and durability.

         Closeup view upper portion of woodgrained door at south entrance of beauty salon       

Upper Portion of Door     Lower Portion of Door   

Closeup views of the upper and lower 
parts  of  the door  show  the different
colors used in woodgraining