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Full Door View

The  colors  in  the  door
compliment brick exterior.

The color of door changes with the light.

See another  fiberglass door.

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Seely Painting, Inc.


Metal doors  matched to brick colors. 

Woodgrained Door                     Closeup of Woodgrain Door                              Side View of Door


This  door was woodgrained to match 
 the colors of the home's exterior brick.

Originally painted with a red exterior latex paint, this
  metal door  had  over twenty dents  and  dings  in  it.  

The dents were repaired with spot putty, sanded
smooth,   then   sealed   with   oil   based   Kilz.

A  light oil base paint   was  put on, then  a  custom mixed oil
base stain that matched and complimented the exterior brick.  

This home is in Orem, Utah