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Receptionist Desk Matched

Interior door and casing
woodgrained to match 
front desk and cabinets
Original interior 
door color 
was blond

Blond Denist's door

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Seely Painting, Inc.


 Doors can be woodgrained to
match interior furnishings.

 Commercial cherry wood interior doorCommercial woodgrained interior door design color matched to floor & furnishings Commercial Interior door woodgrain closeup  
    Woodgrained Door                   Office Entrance               Close up of grain  & casing
The  wood interior front door
of this office was blond

The door was refinished and wood grained
to match
the cherry wood reception desk. 

          The door harmonizes with the wood floor
        emphasizing the depth and
  richness of
    the interior furnishing

The doors are in dentist's
  office in Orem, Utah.  

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