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Home Owner's Comments

Damaged cabinets refurbished.


Here are some "befores"...
Notice all the damage, and worn areas.

and After!

"This home was a rental for a number of years, and it shows in certain areas.
The cabinets really showed the neglect and abuse that had occured over the years, but with Lynn's quick work, they look really great!  Thanks Lynn!"

~ Brett Wilcox

Check out our refinished cabinets.

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Damaged cabinets refinished  
  with faux finish woodgraining

Wow, what a difference!
The pictures really don't do it justice...

                  Damaged kitchen cabinet doors        Damaged cabinet drawers                  
Refurbished kitchen cabinets      Repaired and refurbished kitchen cabinet drawers

"Mr. Seely fixed my old kitchen cabinets to look new again!
He was able to repair my kitchen drawers.
that were very damaged with big knife
saw marks on the tops of them.

He has a real talent for creating a natural wood look.
You really can't  tell   the difference between
what  is
 original "real"  wood and  what  was painted  to look
  like  wood   to   cover   up   the  old  worn  out  wood.

He was
able to match the existing cabinet
colors   to  the  ones  that  needed  repair.

He also worked in a very  timely manner."

  ~ Julie Wilcox

to learn about the preparations steps and fillers we use.