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Pre Stained Pictures

Original color of stained fence
Original color of fence before it was restained

New color of stained fence
This is a picture of the stained fence next to the fence of a neglected apartment complex fence.

Notice  the unmaintained fence
of the adjoining property
in comparison to the well maintained fence.

  Check out refinished residential wood fences.



Refinished  color -matched
wood  fence

South east corner of a stained apartment fenceStained fence of an apartment complex

This cedar wood fence had
been stained before.

The fence was color matched to the brick
of apartment complex when it was restained. 

The fence was sprayed then rolled to
ensure penetration of the product
into maintaining the wood.

This restained fence has been color matched to the brick

The stain was color coordinated with the brick.

A Natural  Woods product was used to
restain the fence because of
its superior quality and durabilty.

This fence is in Pleasant Grove, Utah