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Before Pictures of Utility Door

Original Metal Utility Door at First Presbyterian Church in Logan, UT

This is a picture of the original
color of the metal utility door.

Putting bondo on metal utility door.

Bondo was put on the door to
cover  the  handicap  sticker.

Bondo is used to cover imperfections on the door.

Bondo was used to cover
the imperfections on  the

metal door.

Seely Painting, Inc.
Seely Painting, Inc.



Commercial utility doors woodgrained
to match existing doors. 

This door was painted orange as
an  entrance  to  a
n  elevator for
 individuals unable to use the steps.

A colored undercoat was put on the metal utility door. Woodgrained metal utility door at First Presbyterian Church in Logan Utah
The picture on the left shows utility
door has a colored undercoat. 

The door on the right shows the
finished woodgrained door.

The building was remodeled,
  so the elevator entrance was

 in the rear  of the building.

Bondo was used to cover the handicap sticker
  The door was then sanded and color undercoated.
The grain then was hand drawn to match
the  color of the new metal double door

This utility door is on the west side of the
  First Presbyterian Church in Logan, Utah.

Close of woodgrained metal utility door
Closeup picture of
  woodgrained door.