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Epoxy Finishes

Clear epoxy exterior finishes seal  surfaces so  graffiti cannot adhere
  t  o    t h e    surface    permanently

The  sealant  prevents paint or
other  material   from seeping
   into porous  materials.

It also protects the exterior
  discoloration   of   the  elements.


Epoxy finishes  protects exterior
cement /brick masonary surfaces

This is the front of the Pleasant Grove Swimming Pool that has been sealed with a clear epoxy finish

The exterior of the  Veterans Memorial Pool
in Pleasant  Grove, Utah,
  was  coated 
   a   clear   epoxy   sealant  to  prevent graffiti  
adhering to the building. 

The building is  constructed  of
  cinder block and brick masonry. 

It consists  of  a front reception area and separate
dressing  rooms and showers for men and women.

This is a side view of the Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool in Pleasant Grove, Utah