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Custom designer- colors  personalize
condominium or an apartment

  Color coordinate  with
  the flooring, furnishings 
 or counter tops to
create the right loo

We give the same professional
care to rental properties as we
do personal properties

See an example of a twin home.

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 Two-tone paint schemes for  rental apartments, 

condominiums, town homes, or duplexes.

An interior
two-tone paint job provides  
a  warm  feeling   to  an  otherwise drab
   lifeless living space--regardless of the size.

Entry Way DoorStair well going to upstairs and showing two-toned wood handrailFront Room

Entry Door                         Stairwel                      Front Room 

In the pictures above,  the wall color paint is accented with
the  high  gloss  baseboards,  door  frames,  and  handrail

Bedroom closet Door  Bedroom Door Dining Room  

An extra depth and beauty is added to  doors and
closet  doors  by  using  a   slightly  lighter  color. 

We use the same  high  standards  of  workmanship
  in small homes as we do in
individual custom homes